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Volunteers cut seed potatoes in preparation for our 2014 planting.


Well, spring’s late arrival in Iowa this year has us a couple weeks behind the traditional Good Friday target date; so how about a little Cinco de Mayo potato planting fiesta?!!


Over the weekend, volunteers cut up 450 pounds (!) of seed potatoes for planting and now we’re asking anyone who is able to come help us get them in the ground. The plan  is to start this evening (Monday, May 5) around 6:00 and see how much we can get done at the Hardacre Community Garden site (1167 W. 9th Street, Tipton.) Later this week, we will finish up our plot at the main garden location, and plant the remaining potatoes at the Cedar County Historical Society Prairie Village site (1094 Hwy. 38, Tipton.) We’re anticipating another bumper crop of spuds this year and anyone who gets involved can take pride knowing their efforts will yield far-reaching impacts; providing nutritious locally grown food to benefit people in need right here in Cedar County.


This is also a good time to remind everyone that in addition to the always appreciated efforts that volunteers physically contribute to the garden, monetary donations are also welcome and needed. We do our very best to stretch the most out of a shoe-string budget, but expenses do mount up. For example, even when purchasing the seed potatoes that were cut and prepared for this weeks planting at sale price, the bill still came to nearly $300. Of course it’s worth the investment as we know the return will provide hundreds of meals to individuals throughout our area, but it does put a significant dent in our savings.


All donations to the garden are tax deductible, and such documentation can be provided at the donors request. Checks should be made out to our officially recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit title “Old Tipton Union School, Inc.” with Tipton/Hardacre Community Garden written on the memo line.

Donations can be mailed to…

Old Tipton Union School, Inc.

P.O. Box 271

Tipton, Iowa 52772


Finally, the third way you can contribute to our efforts at Tipton’s Hardacre Community Garden is to help spread the word. Share our blog posts and Facebook updates on your own social media accounts. Call your friends and invite them to come along and volunteer. Tell those around town about the great work that’s being done, and remind people that financial donations are in fact tax deductible. It takes a community effort, but with your help we can make 2014 our best year yet!


See you at the garden!


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